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Proto Leader is the china's best source for custom CNC machined and injection molded parts.

With our CNC machining and injection molding services, you get real materials, real functionality, and real value in as fast as one business day.

ProtoLeader CNC Machining Service

Proto Leader utilizes proprietary analysis and programing software running on a large-scale compute cluster to translate 3D CAD models into instructions for high-speed milling equipment. The result is real parts, REALLY FAST. ProtoLeader is great for prototypes, fixtures, jigs or one-off projects. We can quickly deliver small quantities of functional prototypes before committing to injection-molding tooling or high-volume machining.
Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining of parts has been around for decades. But until ProtoLeader, the non-recurring engineering needed to design the required toolpaths had always limited the ability of the CNC-machining process to produce prototype volumes with short lead times.

ProtoLeader offers the responsiveness of additive rapid prototyping processes without the limited material choices or surface finishes of printed parts. ProtoLeader parts are machined from real blocks of plastic and metal resulting in an improved surface finish, eliminating the stair-stepping inherent in additive processes. Parts are nearly indistinguishable from molded parts, making them a significantly higher quality prototype.

ProtoLeader can currently do three-axis milling from up to six orthogonal sides of the part to machine as many features as possible. And we can produce from one to 50 parts as fast or faster than additive rapid prototypes.

Our existing line of materials includes more than 30 different plastic and metals. To list a few:
Stainless Steel
See full list of stocked materials available for CNC machining.

ProtoLeader strives to make it as easy to get a machined part as it is to get any other rapid prototype part. That means we provide one of the fastest online quoting systems available for machined parts. When you're ready to upload your 3D CAD model, our automated FirstQuote interactive quoting system responds with manufacturability analysis and pricing information, generally within hours. Our proprietary software examines your model for potential issues and identifies suggested model changes — such as overly thick walls, sharp corners, undercuts and more — which could impact the manufacturability of your part. When you're satisfied with the design and price of the part, you can place an order simply with a PO or credit card.

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